Pioneers News · Introducing the Pioneer Varsity Club!

Pioneer Varsity Club


Recognize most outstanding athletes by promoting multi-sport participation.


Award points to student athletes for attaining Varsity and Sub-Varsity letters.

Point System:

2 points for each Varsity Letter earned

1.5 points for each Sub-Varsity Letter earned

Point Verification:

Each athlete must verify their letter by participating in sport the following year during the same sport season.

Example~ Freshman Football player must play a fall sport their sophomore year to verify their freshman football points. They do not have to play the same sport from year to year. 

Athlete of the Year:  

The Athletic Department will recognize 1 boy and 1 girl from the Senior class as the Athletes of the Year!

Athlete of the Year Requirements:

  1. End of Senior year attain a minimum of 17 points.

2019 Seniors – 4.5 points, 2020 Seniors – 8.5 points, 2021 Seniors – 12.5 points, 2022 Seniors – 17 points

  1. No Code of Conduct Violations.

Each year that a student athlete participates in multiple sports they will receive a patch for their letter jacket.

Athlete of the Year Voting:

Each Senior that attains the minimum requirements will be put on the ballot.  Coaches and those athletes that receive the multi-sport patch will be allowed to vote.


Each Senior that attains the minimum requirements will receive a gift from the Athletic Department during the Senior Awards Night.